It’s festival season again and Coachella weather would be awesome but let’s not forget where we live; the occasional downpour – and potentially the bad hair that comes with it – are just something that every British festival-goer has to tackle. This year though, olloclip, genius inventors of revolutionary smartphone photography solutions, are reminding you how to make even a rainy day look incredible on camera! Their wide range of clip-on lenses are designed to give you all the power of a professional photographer with just a neat little package that fits into your pocket or hangs around your neck (leaving more hands for beer).

Here are six shots to nail this year:


Wide angle of stage

Trying to capture all the action on stage can be tough, but olloclip’s 4-in-1 lens features four lenses in one clip. This includes a wide-angle lens specifically designed to capture more, so it will always look as awesome as it did on the day.

Macro shots

Let’s face it, it’s probably going to rain. But it’s not just raindrops that look amazing up close – eyes, flowers, skin, even the bubbles in a drink! Make the most of the little things with the 4-in-1’s two macro lenses (10x and 15x), perfect for documenting the detail you usually miss out on.

Group selfie

The all-important group selfie. Those perfect moments when you’re having the time of your life, and it needs immortalising. olloclip’s lenses clip on both front and rear-facing cameras, so you can use the wide-angle lens to make sure you get everyone and everything in shot.



Get a fresh perspective and watch the world through the looking glass. All you’ll need is your smartphone, your fingers and the 4-in-1’s wide angle lens. It’s that simple


Festival Periscope

If you’re not already using Periscope, you’re late to the party. It works perfectly with olloclip lenses, too: use any lens and create your own festival footage to broadcast throughout the weekend. You can also check out live videos by other festivalgoers, including backstage interviews and footage from exclusive parties.


Fisheye with festival backdrop

Because why not. Get silly; you’re at a festival. 360-degree video is all the rage right now so forget face swapping and get some panoramic festival fisheye shots.


A must-have for festival season, the olloclip 4-in-1 lens is available at for £69.99.