Thoughts, post-Earth Day

Earth Day 2016 was for most, unfortunately, a day like any other. It’s been a couple of weeks now since Twitter and other social media platforms were bursting with encouraging, thoughtful and inspiring sentiments about what we can all do to protect and support our awesome planet. And if on Earth Day, everyone who saw such a post remembered to wash at 30 degrees, switch off lights in rooms not being used and took up composting, then great. The thing is though, as with other calendar events like Valentine’s Day, despite best intentions and encouragement, most of us just don’t do enough the other 364 days of the year.

We’ve just secured an incredible new client, and one of the main reasons we’re so excited about them and their vision is because they are specifically about helping people to make a difference in the world. Green Energy Options (geo) are pioneers in the smarter energy business – and their vision of smarter solar, metering and heating that provides a greener and more energy efficient future at home. geo’s range of products help you see, control and automate home energy, increasing comfort and convenience while saving energy and money. From electricity monitoring to heating control, they offer a smart home that captures, transfers, stores and analyses data to work around you. Their products mean you don’t have to change the way you behave to become energy efficient.

Economically speaking

Green should come as second nature; it’s something our children should be learning from us, but unfortunately we’re not there yet. Every single thing we do each and every day has an impact, and it’s so easy to make it a positive one. Companies like geo are helping to showing consumers that being green isn’t just for the sake of the Earth too, enabling them to see the range of benefits that come from changing their habits and proving that going green is in fact usually the more frugal option. As well as improving health and quality of life at home, being environmentally friendly is just good economics- in our home, our budget, and in our planet. We all need to get greener with our technology, especially at home. The 2016 home should be much more energy-efficient than most currently are. Indeed, all our favourite pieces of smart home technology this year have been ingeniously green: vertical farming pods for your kitchen, stylish solar panels, Chevy’s Bolt EV and VW’s BUDD-e electric cars, 3D printers, Samsung’s smart fridge and geo’s Cosy, the wireless, portable, multi-user home heating system that lets you control your home environment wherever you are so you can always come back to a warm, lit house after a long day.

It was their concerns about climate change and the growing shortage of resources that drove CEO Patrick Caiger-Smith and CSO Simon Anderson to found geo in Cambridge in 2006. Their aim was to give consumers visibility of their energy usage and the tools to reduce, manage and control it. “Energy being thought of as ‘out of sight, out of mind’ needs to change, and that’s how geo started,” says geo’s CEO, Patrick Caiger-Smith. “We wanted to provide consumers with energy data they could act upon, long before the idea of smart meters arrived. In 2006 we were met with some skepticism, but now consumer engagement is a mainstream requirement with utilities all over the world looking at how they can engage their customers more fully. And technology has an important role to play.”

How your home can make a real difference

Consumers are more energy-conscious now, so geo’s product range offers the perfect solution to suit every home and lifestyle; customisable home automation settings can be tailored to suit specific needs. Geo have put a human face on home energy technology, with smart metering, energy and solar monitoring devices that help you engage with your energy habits via mobile and in-home interfaces that are accessible and simple at their core. geo’s vision focuses on convergence and bringing the elements together, making energy smarter with smart metering, micro generation and heating controls. They are pioneering the ‘Hybrid Energy Home’ we talked about a little while ago, in a bid to reduce energy consumption in customers’ connected homes by two thirds over the next ten years. It’s a smart home that blends years of consumer-facing research with traditional and novel ways of managing energy to maximise efficiency.

It’s an exciting partnership: we’re proud to represent some key players in the IoT and smart home industries, and our extensive experience and passion for driving the future resonate strongly with geo. Theirs is a smart home we can really get on board with, and we’re very excited to have the chance to help them realise that vision. Our future with geo looks green, bright and exciting.